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Horror Author Readalike Lists [Updated 2.18]

In response to this Call to Action which I posted on RA for All, I am going to start a long term project to create author readalikes lists for popular horror authors for you to use at your library. As I also mentioned in that post, too many of our lists are not diverse. We put all the diverse authors in lists with other diverse authors and don’t mix them in with the authors they are most similar to. That is a very short paraphrasing of my longer post; click here for a lot more.

In that post I acknowledge that I am as guilty as everyone in this problem. And, as the main resource for library workers on horror, I should start solving the problem where I can.

Also, please note, “diverse” readalike lists does not mean only non-normative options will be here. True diversity includes all voices, white included.

I will also organize these readalike lists into their own page here and note the last time they were updated both for you to know and so I know when things are getting stale and need a new look. Also, my readalike authors will only include people who are alive and currently writing.

Horror Author Readalike Lists

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