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Horror Resources (Updated 4.18)

Here is a list of my favorite horror resources. This list is always being updated, so please send me your favorites by leaving a comment.

Horror RA Print Titles:
Top 20 Horror Book Blogs via Feedspot: This list features this blog at #13. This is a good place to go to find blogs that focus on horror books and they feature many reviews. 

J.T. Glover is a Humanities Research Librarian/Assistant Professor at VCU who looks at dark fiction from an academic perspective. Click here for his blog. Much of his research is very useful to our work in the public library world.

Horror Web Resources: Those marked with “***” are the ones I think are the most useful for your work with leisure readers and for collection development.
  • Bookgasm: "Reading Material to Get Excited About" (direct link to horror reviews)
  • ***Booklist***: August is always the Spotlight on Horror issue. Use this link to pull up all of their horror content including the annual top 10 horror list. [For full disclosure, I am the most prolific horror reviewer at Booklist]
  • BookRiot: An online community and resource on all things books. Horror gets plenty of attention here.
  • Buried.com: "Everything that is horror”: This is a great portal to horror info. They clearly denotes when things were last updated too.
  • Criminal Element: Mystery, Thriller, & All Things Killer: Not exclusively horror, but they cover the genre and true crime. 
  • Fantastic Fiction: This is a great general fiction resources that has a lot of content on horror authors and titles. It also compiles awards won, short stories, and author web pages.
  • Ginger Nuts of Horror: One of the best independent places for all things horror. UK based. 
  • The Horror Fiction Review: Reviews, editorials, archives, interviews. Very thoughtful and well organized
  • Horror Review: Horror Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews, part of the JournalStone family.
  • ***The Horror Writer's Association*** and specifically their page for Librarians.
  • Horror World: A horror community where authors and readers can connect, also part of the JournalStone family.
  • Horror Zine:  An online literary journal with fiction, poetry, and artwork from morbidly creative people; monthly publication, established in 2009.
  • International Thriller Writers: a professional writers association that includes many popular horror writers. They have monthly reviews, interviews, and articles. This is a great place to locate information about the more mainstream horror writers.
  • io9 is an online science fiction magazine that also covers horror.
  • ***Matt Molgaard's Horror Novel Reviews***: reviews and interviews, but also great feature articles with useful lists. Good for both collection development and displays.
  • Project Entertainment Network: Home of many horror interest podcasts, including The Horror Show With Brian Keene and Three Guys with Beards [featuring Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden and James Moore]. 
  • Rue Morgue: The online home of the well regarded and long running magazine and publisher
  • ***This is Horror***: My favorite overall horror resource- podcast, reviews, features. Just go and look for yourself.
  • ***Tor.com***: The online home for the Speculative Fiction publisher. This site is full of information about horror and not just from the authors they publish.
  • Weird Fiction Review: "Your Non-Denominational Source for the Weird." Meaning as long as it is a bit macabre, they include it.
Horror Publishers are also a resource. Click here for my list of the best ones for libraries.