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Best Independent Horror Publishers for Libraries [updated October 2022]

There are many specialty, small presses who are dedicated to putting out as many horror publications as they can. I want to highlight some of the very best of these independent horror publishers. In the past, I have tried to include as many as possible, but I found that this resulted in a list that was too long to be useful to the average American public library as a collection development and purchasing tool. And since that is the whole reason I am here....

I have narrowed the focus of this page to include only the horror independent presses I have found to produce a consistent product worthy of being considered for your public library collections. By consistent I mean both in the quality of the writing/editing and in the construction of the book to stand up to multiple check outs.

So please visit the pages of these publishers and consider ordering some of their books for your patrons.

Here they are in alphabetical order:
If you are a horror publisher and want to be include here, contact me.