Summer Scares 2019 Resources

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Horror Reviews Index [updated 5.20]


Here is an author index to all of the reviews appearing on this blog (or before this blog began on RA for All) with the links leading you to the review itself.

But, because I am only 1 person, and I cannot possibly get to every book that could be a good fit for your patrons, I also offer the following links to Becky approved horror reviews:
  • This Is Horror’s review archive: This British based site is the best regular review source for horror. Sometimes their titles overlap with mine, but because all they do is horror, they are able to get to many more than I can.
  • Sadie Hartmann's Reviews: Goodreads has a great community of horror reviewers, but Sadie, known as Mother Horror, is one of the best. Like me she is also a professional reviewer, but while I review for the library sites, she reviews for the major direct to readers' outlets. She marks which of her reviews appear in those publications.
Also, I use Twitter to regularly alert you to books and authors that are a great “#HorrorForLibraries” option. Click on the link to pull those up-- whether or not you have a Twitter login the link will work. This is another great resource to find horror suggestions.

Between this index of my reviews [below] and the links above, you have thousands of choices of excellent terrifying reads for your patrons. No more excuses that you just don’t know what to suggest. I have given you plenty of options for every type of potential reader.

And remember, it doesn’t matter how old the book is. A great title from 5 years ago is still a good read for someone. Dig through the backlist. Here’s a way back example; it’s still a great read.