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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old Horror Posts

Here is the link to everything that has appeared on my main blog, RA for All, that was tagged horror. I will be pulling out old reviews and cataloging them in the Horror Review Index.

Welcome to RA for All: Horror

After 3 years of writing RA for All I have learned many things. The first is that a successful blog takes time and effort to run.

Which leads me to the second thing I have learned; that if you put in the time and effort and you have something coherent and educational to say, people will read your blog and, more importantly, appreciate it.

Finally, I have learned that what I do to showcase the work we Readers' Advisors do in the trenches on RA for All needs to stay separate from my other big professional goal, which is to help librarians match horror readers with their next good read.

So, to that end, and in conjunction with the impending publication (2011) of a completely revised Horror Readers' Advisory, second edition, I am going to be posting all horror related posts on this blog. I will update RA for All readers when new content will be available here on RA for All: Horror, but I would suggest subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog also.

Unlike RA for All (the original), RA for All: Horror, will not be updated every day. There will be spurts of activity and then silence. But it will be only horror and horror related topics.

Then once the new edition of the book is out, this blog will take on the role of being the official update to that text. Making your purchase of the book a great deal, since this edition will come with free updates here on RA for All: Horror. I will not duplicate the book here, but rather, I will be supplementing it.

I will also set up separate pages to serve as an index to horror book reviews/annotations and any author information. So you can have easy access to my original material.

So here's to beginning another new journey with all of you. Happy Haunting!