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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interview with Damnation Books Author Jason Gehlert

Last Interview.  Thanks again.  I hope people found this interesting and useful.  I sure learned a lot myself.

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RA for All: Please introduce yourself.
Gehlert: My name is Jason Gehlert and I've writing horror for over ten years and published for nearly a decade.

RA for All:  What are your first recollections of discovering horror books at the library?
Gehlert: Not wanting to leave the section. I read some vintage king, Bradbury, and Peter Benchley in the library. It was great to embrace the variety of works.

RA for All:  What draws you to writing dark fiction in particular?
Gehlert:  The battle of good and evil. The depth of the characters, and the draw of the unknown and unseen terrors that lurk everywhere.

RA for All:  You also write short stories as well as novels.
Gehlert:  Yes I have two short story collections Ghost Prints and Demon Revolver through Black Bed Sheet Books.

RA for All:  Tell me about your newest book.
Gehlert:  Ferrymen is a supernatural cop thriller set in New Orleans at mysterious estate. Two cops Lincoln and Joe are drawn into a world of spiritual criminals, voodoo and a criminal mastermind with his own agenda against Lincoln. Ferrymen is through Damnation books and Kindle and Nook.

RA for All:  What are you working on now?
Gehlert:  Jeremiah Black. He's an immortal hit man for the devil. He must erase those who have cheated fate including his wife and son. The story takes place in 1897 London and ends in 1996 NYC on Ellis Island, where Jeremiah fights Michael Black his great great great grandson with a secret of his own. Can the NYPD and immortal London Inspector Jackson Granger stop Jeremiah once and for all?

You can see more from Jason Gehlert here or check him out on Facebook here.

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