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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ghost Stories for Grownups

****This is the third in an occasional series of posts to help you get ready for Halloween.****

On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal ran this article on the stories of Robert Aickman.  I liked the title, "Ghost Stories for Grown Ups."

Now in terms of my series on getting you ready for Halloween, I think the article is a MUST READ. It gives you a great sense of Aickman, his writing, and why people love to read his stories.

I would love it if all of you, especially the Horror newbies, read one of his stories too, but I also know that it is NOT NECESSARY for you to have to read an Aickman story in order for you to be able to help a patron looking for a scary read come Halloween time. [Most libraries will have at least one collection with stories by Aickman if you do want to try one though; click here for our system's offerings.]

The key to all of this Halloween planning is for you to educate yourself as to what horror fans love about feeling the fear and being engulfed in a terrifying story.  This article on the work of Aickman is a quick and easy way to learn this without terrorizing yourself in the process.


  1. Just a heads up, the WSJ article you link is behind a pay wall.

  2. I got in it fine. Oops. I’ll try to fix it. Thanks.