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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

31 Days of Horror: Day 15-- Becky's 2019 Horror Debuts for Libraries

In year's past Library Journal asked me to focus my annual Horror column for Neal Wyatt's Readers' Shelf on "debuts." This year they changed that requirement [as I wrote about here] but I realized that many of you have come to rely on my annual run down of my favorite horror debuts, so this year I have made a longer list [used to be limited to 6] with my "three words" and a link to Goodreads for you to learn more.

This list contains 15 horror debut novels, listed alphabetically by author. All came out in 2019, and I think all are worth adding to your library collections. They come from publishers large and small, Big 5 to indie presses. And, as I read them, I noticed [and noted below] that more than a few are taking tropes we know and giving them a completely new and fresh spin. That may be a trend in the making.  I will keep an eye on that.

Bonus, tomorrow, I will be featuring one of these authors [who is also a librarian] in a "Why I Love Horror" post.
  • Bodine, T.L.  River of Souls [family centered, fresh take on zombie trope, atmospheric]
  • Buja, J. Edwin. The King of the Wood [dark fantasy, strong world building, planned series]
  • Burton, Kira Jane.  Hollow Kingdom [animal narration, fresh take on end of world trope, thought provoking]
  • Collins, Sara.  The Confessions of Frannie Langton [Gothic, first person narration, intense]
  • Cull, Andrew.  Remains [grief driven horror, hauntings, emotionally intense]
  • Golding, Melanie.  Little Darlings [menacing, parental driven horror, psychological]
  • Guignard, Eric. Doorways to the Deadeye [fresh take on hobo trope, engrossing, story about storytelling]
  • Hamil, Shaun.  The Cosmology of Monsters [Lovecraftian, coming of age, extremely menacing]
  • Lane, Michelle Renee.  Invisible Chains [historical, fresh take on New Orleans horror tropes, emotionally visceral]
  • Luff, Cody.  Ration [multiple povs, dystopian, ruthless]
  • Marshall, Helen. The Migration [cli-fi, unsettling but not without hope, lyrical]
  • Moulton, Rachel Eve. Tinfoil Butterfly [disturbing, character centered, beautiful writing about evil/monsters]
  • O'Cinneide, C.S.  Petra's Ghost [strong sense of place, haunting, compelling]
  • Read, Sarah.  The Bone Weaver's Orchard [secrets, haunting, lyrical]
  • Starling, Caitlin.  Luminous Dead [off earth setting, claustrophobic, intense]

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