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Monday, February 7, 2011

Horror Reading Lists

I have a three reading lists of books both old and new to pass on to you:

One of my favorite awards, the Black Quill, which goes to the best "dark" books of the year came out recently.  Sponsored by Dark Scribe Magazine, the awards are given out in multiple categories and offer both readers and editors picks.  What I love most about this award is that it is an appeal based award.  They don't care what genre these books are in (although it is mostly horror).  They just care that they are dark.  Check out the list of winners here.

In related news, GalleyCat took the winners of the Black Quill and made a "mixtape" linking to free samples of all of the winners.  Click here for the full story and for links to their previous "mixtapes." 

Now taking a look at the backlist, Bookstove had this list of the 100 novels all horror fans should read.  Again, I am a fan on the appeal focus here.  The list is not titled the "100 Best Horror Novels;" rather it is 100 novels horror readers would also enjoy.  These books were picked based on the fact that they would appeal to a horror reader, even if they were not strictly horror themselves.

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