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Monday, May 7, 2012

Childrens' Book Week: Horror Style

It's Childrens' Book Week, and although I work with adult horror readers, I also known that children love a great scary story.

I volunteer at my kids' elementary school library 2x a month and I get at least one request for a "scary" book each and every time I am there.

I am not even close to an expert on horror picks for kids, but in honor of Children's Book Week I thought I would share a few ideas and then point you to where you can find more information.

Of course, R.L. Stine is the master of the scary kids story.  If you have never read a Goosebumps tale you are missing out.  Also, in terms of working with horror readers as they grow up, knowing what they read as kids (probably these books) helps you to find them a book as they grow up.

Alvin Schwartz is another master of the scary story appropriate for a kid.  My kids love his short story collections.

But that is about where my expertise ends.  That's okay though.  Like the good librarian I am, I know who does know...Monster Librarian.

Click here for for their annotated list of scary books for kids 12 and under and here for their teen selections.

Try a horror book for kids in honor of Children's Book Week.

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