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Monday, February 3, 2014

Women in Horror Month Begins with Offical Links and a Monday Discussion

To kick off WiHM I moved the first post over to RA for All.  Here is the direct link, but I also cross posted it below.  I wanted to get the maximum number of eyes on this great event.

Check back often this month for new and exciting content about women in horror.

February is Women in Horror Recognition Month and for the first time I am an official participant in the festivities.  It's about time though, since I have been a "Woman in Horror" for a decade now.

Over on RA for All: Horror, I will be running at least 2 posts a week highlighting the work of the best women in horror. I am also partnering with Kirsten over at Monster Librarian who is my fellow woman in horror and libraries.  We are a small group so we need to stick together.  So please check out her blog, Musings of the Monster Librarian for more this month.

While most of the WiHM coverage will be on the horror blog all month, I wanted to start things off with the Monday Discussion here by asking everyone to think of their favorite Women in Horror.

I'll go first:
  • I love, love, love the late Shirley Jackson.  I cannot gush enough about her skill at creating creepy, anxious stories and novels that meld psychological suspense and horror.  The Lottery is the best short story EVER! I am so glad that others have recognized her talent and influence and there is now a Shirley Jackson Award.
  • More recently, I am extremely proud of the work Lisa Morton has been doing.  I went out on a limb in my book by including her a s a rising star, and thankfully, she has proven me right.  She has won numerous Bram Stoker Awards and just recently launched a new series with Netherworld.  I will be featuring the book in a Halfway to Halloween Horror guest column in Library Journal this April, but in the meantime, Lisa has contributed a guest post for RA for All: Horror this month, and I will have a full review of the new book.
  • Did you know one of the best editors of today's horror short story writers is a woman? Jeani Rector runs The Horror Zine, and puts out an annual collection of the best work from the magazine.  I featured a past year's volume on RA for All Horror here.  This year, Jeani is on the long list for the Bram Stoker Awards.  She is also going to be contributing to WiHM with a guest post and I will have a review of the newest collection.
Check out the display I put up in our quick display area at the BPL too.

Now it's your turn.  For today's Monday Discussion, who's your favorite "Woman in Horror?" Let me know.

You can check out the official WiHM site for more on the female contributions to this fairly male dominated genre. And return to RA for All: Horror and The Musings of the Monster Librarian all month for more on WiHM and how it relates to your work in libraries.

And, click here for past Monday Discussions

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