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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lucky Skulls

Yesterday was my birthday.  So what does the husband of a horror maven who doesn’t look or act like your typical horror maven buy his wife for her birthday?  A Lucky Skull bracelet from lux jeweler Erwin Pearl.

From their website:
"Inspired by pictures of parades in Mexico where people pass through the streets carrying brightly colored images of grinning skulls. These are celebrations asking for good luck and protection from evil."
We had seen this collection advertised in The New York Times a few  months ago and talked about getting a matching set for our anniversary. Then when we were in San Antonio in March we bought a beautiful, hand painted small Mexican skull for our home.

Well, we did something else for our anniversary, but yesterday, I unwrapped the package, saw the box, and immediately knew what would be inside.

I am sharing my joy not to brag, but rather to alert other horror fans out there about this fantastic collection.  If you have a hard to buy for horror fan in your life, click here. You will thank me later.

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