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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Horror Story of the Week

****This is the second in an occasional series of posts to help you get ready for Halloween.****

As I mention in the first post in this series, understanding why your readers enjoy horror is more important than liking it yourself.

So first, we looked back at the first horror stories children gravitate toward. Now let’s take a small step forward in our Halloween training and move into short stories.

Horror Novel Reviews is one of the better resources for information on horror in its written form.  It is well edited and curated with quality information and links, and as its name suggests, the focus is firmly on the written form of the genre.

One of their brand new features is “Horror Story of the Week.”  It is what it sounds like...they are taking submissions and will highlight 1 original story a week.  Click here to access the current story.  At the end of each story, you can access previous stories in a nice, clear list.

For training purposes, these stories are a great quick read to give you a sense of what makes something a good horror story.  You will get a taste of the genre in its current state, in small manageable chunks.

Again, you don’t have to like it yourself, but this way you can get a wide array of samples quickly and easily.

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