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Monday, October 14, 2019

31 Days of Horror: Day 14 -- Becky's Favorite Horror Resources

Now that we have been going for two weeks, and everyone is getting in the horror groove [even the most timid amount us], I thought now was a good day to remind you of my favorite resources that you can use all year long to help your scariest readers.

I maintain a "Horror Resources" page at all times here on the blog. The title line always notes the last time it was updated [month.year].

I try to keep that page as streamlined as possible but there is still a lot of information there, and I realize it can be overwhelming to those of you who are already less confident helping horror readers. To make it easier, I have a short comment about what this resource does best, and I have called out my favorites if you need even quicker access to a resource.

Below I have posted the content of that page to highlight it today, but it is always one click away in the right gutter, "Horror Resources."

Finally, while it is listed at the end of the Horror Resources page, the Summer Scares program has it's own page. It is filled with essays, lists, and of course, the first 9 vetted titles from 2019's inaugural Summer Scares program.

Over the last few days of this month, I will be highlighting Summer Scares in more detail with a wrap up of 2019's activities and the announcement of 2020's program.

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite horror resources and remember to use them all year long.


Here is a list of my favorite horror resources. This list is always being updated, so please send me your favorites by leaving a comment.

Horror RA Print Titles:
Horror Web Resources: By no means is this a comprehensive list of every horror resource available; rather this list focuses on the resources that will be the most relevant to you, the general library worker, to use to help leisure readers, from those who are hardcore horror fans to those who want to give the genre a try and everyone in between. Those marked with “***” are the ones I think are the most useful for your work with leisure readers and for collection development.
Horror Publishers are also a resource. Click here for my list of the best ones for libraries.

And, for access to all of the Summer Scares resources, lists, and vetted titles click here for its page.

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