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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charlie Higson's top 10 horror books

The Guardian posted this list by author and comedian Charlie Higson of his favorite horror books. From Higson:
"What constitutes a horror book? A black and red cover? A primary objective to scare the shit out of the reader? A plug from Stephen King on the back? Most of the books on my list would probably be categorised in other genres first, but then – is Alien a sci-fi film or a horror film, or both? Is Wuthering Heights a ghost story? Is Jane Eyre the mother of all psycho-in-the-attic stories? And Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca is in many ways a haunted house story. I might well have put it in here if I'd ever actually read it.
He is so right. Many scary books are not technically horror, but still very, very frightening. Click on through to read more and to see the full list. And thanks to Lit Lists for the link.

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