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Monday, August 8, 2011

NY Times Book Review Does Zobies...Sort Of

Yesterday, the New York Times Book Review ran this essay entitled, The State of Zombie Literature: An Autopsy.  It promised to be an up-to-date look at the current state of zombie literature.  Unfortunately, it is not.

The author, Terrence Rafferty, does not mention a single book which I did not include in my new book...a book which is already out of date since the final draft was turned in back in May.  Looking at the articles Rafferty writes, it appears he is a books and movies reporter for the paper.

That is fine, but this is the New York Times Book Review where a few weeks ago they were able to get Justin Cronin to write a review of The Last Werewolf.  That was great.  Why didn't they ask an expert on horror books to write this round-up?  They get experts for everything else.

I am not saying it should have been me.  But anybody who works with and researches horror books specifically on a regular basis would have been better.  I know I am in a database of experts who work in Universities.  Other newspapers have called me to comment as an expert on horror book issues because they found me in this database.  I am sure if small region papers pay to use it, so does the NY Times.

Why not ask John Ottinger III for example?  He is a well respected writer and expert.

It is just another instance of horror being disrespected.  Every time I think we are making progress, something like this happens.  Well, I will keep up the fight.

Read the essay if you want, but don't expect to learn more than I can give you here on the blog.  And that is sad by the way.  I do not have delusions of grandeur.  I am just a librarian, not a writer for the most respected newspaper in the world.


  1. booo! Keep fighting the good fight, Becky!! :)

  2. Wow, that wasn't a terribly great article. While I enjoyed the books mentioned how long ago were they released? I have nothing against mentioning a classic like World War Z but, there are some great new zombie books out, even some from smaller publishers. A shame, really.