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Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days of Horror: Day 24-- What's Your Favorite Horror TV Series?

It's Monday and that means we are heading over to RA for All  where I am moderating the Monday Discussion.  To keep with our celebration of 31 Days of Horror, I am asking about your favorite scary TV series.

Here's the post.  Comment on either site.

Monday Discussion: What's Your Favorite Scary TV Series?

Running a bit late with the Monday Discussion today, but in keeping with the 31 Days of Horror over on RA for All: Horror, I wanted to ask people what their favorite horror TV Series are.

For me personally, I think The Twilight Zone is still sets a high bar for absolute creepiness.  I can still remember watching the old black and white episodes as a child.

Currently, I love The Walking Dead.  I love it for the post-apocalyptic storyline, the awesomely gruesome zombies, the action, the characters....just everything!

Finally, I enjoy True Blood, and although it is not horror, it does feature horror tropes, so I am including it here.  This is my campy horror outlet.  It is fun and outrageous.  It is suspenseful, but not terror inducing. But with all of those standard horror characters (vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters), I just have watching it.

Be as broad as I am and share your favorite small screen scares from the past or present.  I will follow up tomorrow with an annotated guest post listing some classic horror television series.

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  1. I like American Horror and I hope Grim will be good!

  2. I used to love Night Gallery growing up! I also liked a little known show "American Gothic" with Gary Cole, it only last one season, but it (and he) was creepy!