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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing New Reviewing Partner

Here at RA for All: Horror, things are picking up steam.  Not only am I now running 2 popular blogs, writing for various outlets, and working 2 regular jobs, but the requests for me to review horror novels and stories are coming in faster than I can keep up.

I want to highlight as much new horror as I can, so I have enlisted the help of my co-worker, John, also known as Librarian at Dawn to help me keep up.

I will let John describes it all himself:
It was over a decade ago that I ceased being just a figure from the clubs, a denizen of the after-hours, and came to work at the library. This is a blog devoted to my daytime, librarian existence. The most improbable half of my delicious double life.
John is a horror fan, and one of Librarian at Dawn's regular features is Monster Mondays.  Occasionally, he will review books that I have passed on to him.  Click here to see all of his Monster Monday posts.  I will also be keeping John's reviews in the Horror Review Index on this blog.

Today I present the first review in our collaboration, a review of A Satan Carol by Alan S. Kessler.

Since John is an RA librarian like me, his reviews not only talk about the work he has read, but they will draw connections to other works.  We are all about helping readers to find their next good read.

If you want me or John to review your horror story or novel, please continue to use the directions posted in the "Review Policy "found in the right gutter.  I will be managing all requests for both blogs.

Also please look for my reviews of Jonathan Maberry's Dead of Night and Brett Talley's That Which Should Not Be, both coming very soon.

Remember, I post once a week about horror on this blog, but you can read my thoughts on Readers' Advisory, in general, every week day at RA for All...the original.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Becky! This is so fun!