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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monster Librarian Blog

I have mentioned The Monster Librarian site before, but today I want to talk about their blog.  Their mission:

MonsterLibrarian.com was created with the following goals:
1) To support Public, Academic, and School Librarians in developing their library horror fiction collection and assist in readers advisory.
2) To help current readers of horror fiction find another good book to read
3) To encourage fans of horror to expand their interests beyond movies and television, and introduce excellent horror fiction.
4) To help teachers and librarians use horror to reach reluctant readers.
5) To help promote small and independent press horror genre publishers in libraries.
On the blog, the Monster Librarian Staff share their thoughts and insights for readers and librarians. They post lists, have a useful and easy to navigate list of resources, but my favorite section of their blog is their "About Reading" section where they also reprint The Genre Readers Bill Of Rights.

Look, if you are reading this blog, you care about genre fiction, so this Bill of Rights is for you.  Take a look.

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  1. On a related note, I just reviewed Bloom's Desk on my Monster Monday section. Thanks for tossing it my way. I really enjoyed it!