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Friday, March 9, 2012

Spotlight on Blogs: Castle Macabre

Today I am starting a new feature on RA for All: Horror and like all features here, you can follow it through the Features Archive.  This feature will be called Spotlight on Blogs.

Why this spotlight?  Well, this month I joined the Horror Blogger Alliance:
a site dedicated to the individuals that pour their tireless effort, heart, and soul in to writing about the genre they love: Horror. It is always important to recognize the hard work that every person contributes to the online blogging community, and every single person deserves the right to be read. As such, this Alliance is an open-admission organization that will hopefully be used to promote new and existing blogs and bloggers, and help introduce the community to a wide variety of different talents!
I love the HBA because it allows me, the librarian, to have access to dozens of people who love horror, while at the same time it gives me, the horror fan, a place to connect with people who also like to feel the fear.

So as my thank you to all those brave horror blogging souls out there, I will periodically highlight a fellow HBA member.  Today I am going to begin with Castle Macabre, the horror fiction site of prolific book blogger Michelle, aka The True Book Addict.

On Castle Macabre, Michelle links to many of her regularly scheduled events on various blogs and social media outlets.  Currently she is running a horror read-a-thon for Spring and she is a part of a Tuesday Read-a-Long on Twitter and Goodreads where everyone is reading the same horror book.

Basically, her goal is to make reading a group exercise, which as one of the few extrovert librarians out there, I applaud.

Visit Castle Macabre if you love horror fiction and are dying (pun intended) to find someone to share that love with.  Michelle will hook you up.

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