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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Appeal of Horror: Someone Else's Opinion

I have spent many, many hours of my life writing and lecturing about why people love horror.  Which reminds me, have you ordered a copy of my new book yet?

If you need the refresher course on my opinion, order the book first, and click here second.  But seriously, even if you don't order the book, you can still click here for the summary on my opinion as to why people love horror.

Although I have done a lot of research into this issue and am technically a paid expert on the subject, it is still gratifying to read personal essays by actual readers as to why they love horror.

As I mentioned earlier this month, Criminal Element (a fabulous crime fiction site) has deemed this Undead April.  As part of their special coverage, author Dana Fredsti has this essay entitled, "My First Undead Love: How I Fell for the Horror Genre."

If you love horror read this.  If you don't love horror but work at a library where you help patrons who do, read this.  If you want to know why anyone would love to be scared, read this.  Oh, just read it. Fredsti takes the arguments I make in a vacuum and provides an illustrative example.

Thanks to Fredsti for making me look better.  Hey, maybe it will sell more books...

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