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Friday, April 27, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Is Awesome

If you read this blog then I am assuming that all things macabre at least interest you.  So, you should all be interested in the life of Poe coming to the big screen this weekend.

John Cusack is playing the great author.  But I don't necessary want to plug the movie as much as plug the awesomeness of Poe.

In case you have forgotten about Poe and all his creepy glory, check out this post from io9 in which Cusak explains why Edgar Allan Poe "created everything you love."

I just hope the movie does well enough to remind people to read Poe.  Can you tell, by the way, that he is one of my personal favs? Seriously, is there anything creepier than The Raven or Annabelle Lee?  And those are just his poems.

Take advantage of the buzz about the movie and pull those Poe collections off the shelf, dust them off, and put them out on display somehwere in your library.  There is much for the modern horror fan to enjoy in those old books.

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