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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Library Student Focuses on Horror

Those of you who follow the main blog, RA for All, know that I teach graduate students in library and information science 2 semesters a year.  I really love this adjunct work because I am able to get them, usually right before they graduate, and fix all the bad stuff they are taught about being an old fashioned librarian.

My goal is to turn out little Beckys.  What I mean by that is happy, out going, customer focused librarians, who want to help you find your next great read, based on your tastes, not mine or what critics say you should read.  I talk about this a lot on RA for All, so head over there for more.

As a result of this work, I also frequently have students from all over the country reach out to me for advice and assistance.  Normally it is general stuff, but recently I had a great interaction with a library student named Elizabeth from the Boston area who was specifically interested in horror RA advice.  With her permission I want to share some of our conversation with you:
"I re-discovered an interest in horror fiction in my YA Lit class last spring. One of our assigned readings was Rick Yancey's "The Monstrumologist," and I read that and both sequels in a weekend. Looking at the Horror Blogger Alliance earlier this summer inspired me to start my own horror blog - I'm now just trying to decide if I prefer Tumblr (http://horrorlibrarian.tumblr.com/) or Blogspot (http://bibliothecaobscura.blogspot.com/).
Her short version of what brought her back to horror was inspiring and I wanted to share it.  She is also doing a great job on her two new attempts at a horror blog.  I encourage you to check her stuff out.  She is doing a great job.

If you are a student and want to share your work, let me know.

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