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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spotlight on Blogs: [Retro-Zombie]

As part of my irregular feature spotlighting blogs who (like this blog) are members of the Horror Blogger Alliance, I realized that I have yet to spotlight the blogger who has made it all possible: [Retro Zombie].

[Retro Zombie] is run by Jeremy Hawkins, an artist and web designer who loves zombies, but whose tastes and talents go beyond that.  He will create your zombie portrait or you can go here to see some of his amazing work (for sale).

As if that weren't enough, Jeremy is also a big proponent of blogging in general.  He works tirelessly to organize groups of bloggers in ways that both promote their work and allow them to help each other to improve. This is a valuable endeavor.  I applaud him for this.

Examples of his work in this area:

And finally, check out Jeremy's own graphic novel ebook, Chatterbox.  It is available for Kindle in black and white, but if you click here you can find out how to get it in color.

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