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Friday, May 9, 2014

Trends in YA Horror

Kelly over at Stacked has this great snapshot look at YA Horror in 2014 with books that are out now and those coming soon.  From her intro:
Last fall, I wrote about young adult horror for School Library Journalhitting a wide variety of subcategories within the genre, as well as offering up a significant reading list. It's still one of my favorite pieces I've written, and since it came out, I've been thinking a lot more about horror and keeping an eye on what's coming up in the genre. I thought it might be worthwhile to do a roundup of forthcoming 2014 (and a couple of 2015) titles, since I know I've been feeling some of these out in my own reading and for building my own to-read pile. 
One of the trends I'm particularly fascinated with (and love seeing) is how many of these titles are being written by females. It looks like this is a pretty strong year especially for the more literary-leaning horror titles, like AmityFiendish, and The Fall

I know I'm going to miss some stuff, so feel free to chime in with other forthcoming horror titles that should be included. All descriptions come from WorldCat, unless otherwise noted. I've indicated when a title is part of a series, since some of these are sequels or installments on longer-running series. 
Click through to see the full list and her comments. I have an ARC of Amity sitting on my desk at work begging to be read, but other work awaits right now.

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