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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Horror Films Based on True Events

So this past weekend was the 40th Anniversary of the greatest summer movie EVER (IMO)-- Jaws!

And although Jaws was not technically based on true events (rather it was based on an AWESOME novel), one of the reasons it was so scary was because it felt so real.

Last week, Flavorwire had this list of horror films that you probably didn’t realize were based on true events.

It was an update to this popular post they had on the same topic back in 2012.

These lists are a great opportunity to start talking horror with your patrons.  Use the interest in the Jaws anniversary to start the conversations.  Believe it or not, Halloween, the most popular time for horror at the library, is creeping up on us.  (My annual column for Library Journal’s October 1st issue is due in 4 weeks!)

Use the archives links here on RA for All: Horror to help people, or why not order a copy of my book now so you are ready when you will really need it?

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