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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Updates to Blog- Including a TOP 5 List of Resources

I am doing some spring cleaning here on the horror blog and have updated every page.

Please remember that this site, unlike RA for All which publishes every day, is more of a portal for horror information geared toward you, the library worker. I don’t update it every day because it is not that kind of blog. I am compiling information for you to have at your finger tips when you need it, but I am also making sure it is current and easy to access.

I take my responsibility as your most trusted source for horror info seriously. I understand that there are thousands of points of entry into the world of horror fiction and that most are not useful to your work in a public library setting.

So in the right gutter I have a series of archives and pages that have things like my reviews, lists of publishers, and even old lists I have created. But today I want to draw your attention to my newly overhauled Resources page.

I have not only gone through and weeded out the dead links, but due to popular demand, I designated a top 5 to make your job easier.  Here they are in alphabetical order:
  • Ginger Nuts of Horror: One of the best independent places for all things horror. UK based. 
  • The Horror Writer's Association and specifically their page for Librarians.
  • Matt Molgaard's Horror Novel Reviews: reviews and interviews, but also great feature articles with useful lists. Good for both collection development and displays.
  • This is Horror: My favorite overall horror resource- podcast, reviews, features. Just go and look for yourself.
  • The online home for the Speculative Fiction publisher. This site is full of information about horror and not just from the authors they publish.
You can see a longer list of resources, including some print ones anytime on the Resources page.

Look though all of the pages and let me know how I can make those more useful for you too. You can leave a comment on the page or contact me.

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