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Monday, February 11, 2019

Lots of Horror Review Index Updates [Not a Women in Horror Celebration Post]

I haven't mentioned my recent updates to the Horror Review Index here on the blog in a while. Why do I double post them? Well, if I don't get the title here in a blog post, they are not as searchable to help you. Yes they are always in the Index, but you can't do a whole blog search for anything that didn't show up in a post.

So here are the horror books that I have reviewed, either for Booklist or myself since my last update on the blog:

Iglesias, Gabino.  Coyote Songs [2018]
Kiernan, Caitlín R.  The Very Best of Caitlin Kiernan (2019)
Davis, Graeme. More Deadly Than Male  (2019)
Tanzer, Molly. Creatures of Want and Ruin (2018)
Carey, M.R. Someone Like Me (2018)

Also books I for some reason never indexed:
Tanzer, Molly.  Creatures of Will and Temper (2017)
Sakuraba, Kazuki.  A Small Charred Face (2017)

Again, all titles that I have formally reviewed can be accessed at anytime on the Horror Review Index  page.

Also, I do have books I have not formally reviewed, but I have written annotations of them for Library Journal. You won't find them in the Review Index, but they are searchable. So if you don't see something that you thought I have read and or mentioned, just use the top left search box to try to find it.

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