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Friday, February 15, 2019

Women in Horror Month X: Woman Run Horror Publishers

One of things we don't talk about when we talk about underrepresentation in publishing, or any industry, is the lack of representation at the top of the industry.  Interestingly, horror has many women at the helms of some of the best small publishers. Today I wanted to highlight a few of those publishers.

This list is not comprehensive, but rather, it is a list of horror publishers who put out quality titles that are also helmed by [or have top editorial direction by] women.

And, it is not surprising that these publishers also publish some of the best women in the genre. Please take a few moments to look at their websites and consider ordering a title or two. All of these publishers put out a quality product and have published multiple award winning stories. In the case of Apex, for example, they were one of the first to publish Rebecca Roanhorse, with this story in Apex magazine for which she won numerous awards. 

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