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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Horror: Day 11-- Horror Publishers

I want to remind everyone that I keep a few important archives on this blog that will help you to help your horror patrons.  The one I want to highlight today is my list of Horror Publishers.

I have gone through and completely updated this archive in the last week. This is spanking new and an extremely important tool for your collection development, most of which takes place in October for Horror already..  Here is the direct link and I have re-posted the updated archive below.

As always, if you have information you want me to add to this archive, please contact me.

Horror Publishers

There are many specialty, small presses who are dedicated to putting out as many horror publications as they can. As the editors over at Horror Fiction Review once noted, "The horror genre is one of the few genres that even HAS its own small press. Many mass market horror authors were discovered there. I believe the small press is (and actually has been for quite some time) the FUTURE of horror fiction."

I agree and I want to highlight these brave horror publishers. Use the links to go directly to their homepages, and if you are interested in something, please buy it directly from them. These are books libraries don't always buy. So if you do go and buy some, after you read and enjoy them, pass them on to your local library. Even a horror friendly library like mine, can only buy a certain number of these wonderfully scary books.

Here is a list of the small horror presses in alphabetical order. Click through to see what they have to offer. Each of them has worked hard for this, their busiest season. Also, please note that many of these presses only sell through DarkFuse, the official online bookstore for the horror small presses. There is also Miskatonic Books the official online store for weird tales, gothic, ghost stories, mythos, and dark fantasy.

Finally, Miskatonic Books also has a separate area for graphic novels and magazines.

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