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Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Horror: Day 13-- Halloween Trivia

I have been patiently waiting to do this post for 13 days.  Let me explain.

Many of you already know that Kathy and I host the Berwyn Public Library's monthly trivia night at The Garv-Inn on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  Click here for details.  We have been having tons of fun bringing the library to a bar every month.  The press has had fun with it to. Click here to see a "Two librarians walk into a bar" article.  We have been going strong for over a year now and keep growing.  The next one is on election night. But at these events, I play Vanna to Kathy's Pat Sajak.  I help make the questions, I do not have to answer them.

Well all that changes tonight.  I have signed up with my husband and 3 other couples to participate in a local trivia night to benefit my town's historical society.  While I am very excited, I also realize the pressure I am under.  These people all know that I run a trivia night and think of me as the smart library lady.  I hope I can do as good a job answering as I do asking.

Okay, so what does this have to do with 31 Days of Horror? Well, a little.  I was brushing up on my Halloween trivia for our October 2 trivia night questions and for tonight.  I figure it would be really embarrassing if the local horror expert can't handle the seasonal questions.

When I was looking into Halloween trivia, I found so many quizzes and lists of interesting facts that I saved them to share with all of you today.  So, I are celebrating my entrance into the world of trivia contestants with a whole bunch of fun Halloween trivia links.  Enjoy.

And finally, to prepare for The Walking Dead season premier tomorrow.  Click here for official Walking Dead quizzes.  There is a page for each season.  More Walking Dead info tomorrow.  Right now, I have to get back to preparing not to embarrass myself.

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