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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Horror: Day 3-- Countdown to Halloween

Before I get too deep into my planned programming here, I thought I would spend a moment to point out that I am not the only one out there engaging in a month of posts counting down to Halloween.

RA for All: Horror is one among dozens of blogs upping its output for these 31 days.  You can find all the participants in the Countdown to Halloween here.

From the library perspective, this site provides you with a full view of the horror loving community.  Much like I tell my students to read customer reviews on Amazon and readers' comments on GoodReads as a way to see example opinions about a book by a real reader, you can use these sites to see the views, opinions, likes and dislikes of actual horror fans.  It will give you a sense of how best to help someone seeking a spooky read even before that theoretical patron sets foot in the library.

Understanding the what and why behind horror fans' love of all things terrifying improves your ability to help them with their leisure reading needs.  I have said it before, but you do not have to enjoy horror yourself in order to be good at helping horror readers.  It is not an exclusive relationship.  I do not enjoy romance, but I help at least 1 romance fan a day to find their next good read. How?  I make sure I follow the blogs and websites of romance fans.  I learn what it is about the genre they love and why they love it.  I use their likes and enthusiasm for the genre as my guide to helping them, not my personal opinion.

I have posted extensively on the topic of appeal of horror.  You can click here for all posts tagged appeal for more information.

So, since the horror hordes will be descending very soon, it is time to prepare.  Usually we get our first crush of people looking for horror novels and stories the first weekend of October.  You still have a few days to prepare, and a visit to Countdown to Halloween will help.

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