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Saturday, October 29, 2016

31 Days of Horror: Day 29-- Why I Love Horror the Extended Format Edition

Over the years of doing this blog-a-thon, I have chosen to focus on asking the people who create horror tales to share what they love about the genre so much. I have found that these posts have been extremely helpful at showing library workers more about why readers love horror than my essays and reviews. I now have a large collection of these posts from a variety of writers; writers who entice readers into their wicked worlds; writers who love horror so much they dedicate their careers to it; writers who are also fans of the genre themselves.

You can access all of the the Why I Love Horror posts using this link and see for yourself. Not only do you get a good sense of the appeal of the genre by reading them, but also you get a huge list of other authors who these writers like and admire. There are more reading suggestions in these posts than you could ever have time to suggest, and that is a good problem to have.

However, my posts are almost only from those who write novels [with a few librarians thrown in], but earlier this week, over at Paste Magazine they had this wonderful Why I Love Horror-esque post:
Our Favorite Storytellers Reveal their Most Chilling Halloween Scary Stories & Lore--
Paul Bae, Vera Brosgol, Cullen Bunn, Mike Dougherty, Aaron Mahnke, Terry Miles, Nicolas Pesce and Ti West Unleash their Spookiest Tales
What is so great about this collection of creepy storytellers is that it also includes movie directors, graphic novelists, even podcast creators.

I am posting it here today so you see it now, but I also want it to be a part of the entire Why I Love Horror archive here on the blog.

So check out the Paste post and the Why I Love Horror archive now because over the next three days, you are going to be tested as the hordes of horror hungry readers begin to shamble into your library, desperate for a scary read this weekend.

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