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Sunday, October 9, 2016

31 Days of Horror Day 9: New Glarus Library's All Hallow's Read

One of the best things about my job as a Readers' Advisory Specialist is that I get to travel all over the country to meet library workers and, more importantly, see your wonderful libraries. I have seen all kinds-- from huge central libraries to tiny ones.

Back in April, I got to do an in-service training for several libraries in Green County Wisconsin. [Click here for the details on that day's events.]  It was hosted by the New Glarus Public Library. On my visit I had a chance to meet the staff and tour their facilities.

Currently, those facilities mean that the library fits in 1 room inside the New Glarus Village Hall. Now, to be fair, they are in the planning stages of an expansion project, but in the meantime they do no let their size constraints stand in their way. The staff is engaging, knowledgable, and very excited to share books with patrons of all ages.

They are showing off what I already knew this month by posting a book a day on Facebook for All Hallow’s Read. They are suggesting haunting tales for all age levels. You can click through to see them for yourself.

What a great example of how even the smallest library, with little room for big displays and very limited staff can still make a huge difference for their patrons and ALL horror fans searching for a good read.

Maybe you don't have the time or staff to post about a horror book every day for 31 days. That's okay. New Glarus Public Library is doing it for you. Use their suggestions, with credit to them, as you book talk some wonderful haunting reads this season.

And if your library is doing something special this month that you want to let me know about, leave it in the comments.

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