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Monday, October 3, 2016

31 Days of Horror: Day 3-- Here a Cthulhu, There a Cthulhu, Everywhere a Cthulhu

One of the biggest trends in horror today is the bumper crop of Lovecraft and Lovecraft inspired stories, especially as told by those [women and minorities] who Lovecraft himself hated and maligned.

Back in June, I did a book talk about this resurgence in an interest in Lovecraft as a frame in today's horror for the Massachusetts Library System. Props to Anna Popp who organized the recording and made the video awesome after a long day of running a RA conference. Also, I don’t think I sound too tired considering I had traveled to Worcester, slept, gave the keynote, and then chatted with everyone all day first.

You can watch it below, or click here to head to their Vimeo.

5 in 15 - Here a Cthulhu, there a Cthulhu, everywhere a Cthulhu from Massachusetts Library System on Vimeo.

And if you have read this far, congrats because now you can enter my first GIVEAWAY of the season. I am going to have many this month, and each will have their own rules, so pay attention. Today I have the books pictured below-- all Lovecraft inspired, all reviewed by me in Booklist, but only I Am Providence was in the book talk above.  These are all ARCs that I read for review, so you can read them and pass them on, but you cannot sell them or add them to your library’s collection.

If you want to enter, send an email with “Lovecraft” as the subject heading to zombiegrl75 at gmail dot com. In the body simply include your name and that you want to enter. No need to send me your address unless you win.

I must receive your email to enter by 5pm Central Time on Thursday 10/6. I will use Random.org  to pick a winner and contact you on Friday.
One entry per email address.

Back tomorrow with two new story collection reviews [including the review of What The #@&% is That? in today’s giveaway] and another giveaway of four of horror story collections.

So much going on here and it is only Day 3!

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