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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

31 Days of Horror: Day 4: Resources, Awards, and Publishers At Your Fingertips

For Day 4 I am continuing to remind you about the resources that I work hard to cultivate for you so that you can hep readers with one simple click.

Today I want to talk about my pages on Resources, Awards, and Publishers.

This is not going to be a very long post because the work behind this post is in the updating of these three important pages. At least twice a year, I go through and check every link, remove not only the broken ones, but the ones that are no longer useful to you, the library worker, and add new materials. I also note in the page heading when it was last updated.

I work very hard on keeping these pages useful to you. For example, back when this blog first started, I combined all three of these pages into a single page. This made the page long and hard to use. I realized that sometimes you need to know only about awards or only about publishers. Having to comb through all of the items listed in the longer resources page, scanning for those which fit those categories, was not doing you a service. So, I created two more pages.

Basically, I have streamlined the process to make your efficient access to the best information my top priority.

Before I leave you to explore on your own, I would like to mention the key mission of each page [with a direct link] so that you better understand how to use RA for All: Horror as you help readers and develop your collections.

HORROR RESOURCES: This page is among the most unique services that I offer. Nowhere else on the web can you find a place like this- a list of both general and horror specific resources that cover the horror books and issues you, the library worker, need to know about. I have also marked my favorites for quick access.

HORROR AWARDS: While this is not a long page, it is probably the most useful. Why? Because Awards list are my favorite RA Tool. Period. End of sentence. Read my post on the general blog as to why.

BEST INDEPENDENT HORROR PUBLISHERS FOR LIBRARIES: This pages is self explanatory. I have only included publishers whose product is solid, both from a literary standpoint AND the quality of their print product [i.e., it will stand up to multiple checkouts]. Also, over the years I have removed publishers who do not pay their authors properly [a big problem in the industry].

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