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Thursday, October 5, 2017

31 Days of Horror: Day 5: Becky’s Original Content

Today I will wrap up the tutorial/overview of what you can find here on the blog to help you help readers with links to the treasure trove of original content I have created and posted over the years.

I have some specific columns and special features to point out as well as some tips on how to use the tags I provide to help you find the mot useful information quickly.

The first place you need to go is the page I have for my original lists, articles, and presentations. The page isn’t long but it is very useful, with lists going back over a decade! Here it is so you don’t have to click away before reading the rest of this post:


Becky's Original Horror Lists, Articles, and Presentations [updated 10.17]

Over the years I have created many annotated lists of horror books worth your time. This page will serve as an archive of those pre-blog lists and as a repository for any new lists.
I take over Library Journal Readers Shelf Column Twice a Year:
I regularly write articles and give presentations about horror. Here is a link to the most up to date presentation slides. [Older slides can be found by some deep searching of the blog.]
Here are some of the pieces I have written about helping horror readers:
As you can see my newest LJ column is not available online yet. It will be soon, and when it is, I will alert you and post it. But look at all of these lists of titles that you can suggest, and since they are annotated lists, I have also given you a book talk for each title- a way to hand sell it without reading it yourself.

This page has direct access to the original content that I think will be the most helpful, however, that does not mean it is the only original content I have created that will help you.

So, second, here are a list of the tags [with direct links] that have a high percentage of original content by me:

  • Backlist Not To Miss: A mix of my features and older books that have come up other places
  • Best List: Lots of best lists including my year end bests.
  • Trends: Where I let you know what you should be paying attention to. Currently [Oct 2017], horror novellas and audio are HUGE trends.
  • Year in Review: What it sounds like.
I hope these few days of tutorial posts have helped you to get the most out of the blog. Yes, I know I am taking of advantage of the increased number of eyes on the site to promote this blog, but really, I want you to remember I am here the other 11 months of the year too. I don’t update the site every day like the general blog, so often people forget to check it.

Remember, this blog is more of a standalone resource than a conversation starter. Use it like a database. I have worked hard to make sure the information you want and need is here and as easy to access as possible.

Tomorrow I have a post highlighting the other people who are on a month long journey with me, including a library that has gone all out this year. I hope they serve as an inspiration for you to try something new next year.

Until then, use this blog to identify a scary read for someone.

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