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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Horror: Day 2-- Librarians Meet The Horror Blogger Alliance

In this first week of 31 Days of Horror, I am focusing my posts on the best tools for librarians from my friends in the terrifying world of horror.

Today, I am featuring the Horror Blogger Alliance, of which I am a member.  The curator, Jeremy, is a very talented artist and lover of horror.  He really went above and beyond for me too.  He created the original art you see above just for this event, wrote up the post below introducing the Alliance to the library world, and, if you read all the way through, he is offering 31 Days of Horror's first of many giveaways.

I will let Jeremy elaborate, but first I do want to remind readers that I have an irregular feature called Spotlight on Blogs where I introduce a specific member of the Horror Blogger Alliance and write about their blog in details.  This runs any time of the year.  You can click here to follow all of my features.

Now here's Jeremy.....

So this is the month that many horror fans look forward to, if I have to tell you… well then maybe you are in the wrong place. I want to tell you about a wonderful place called “Horror Blogger Alliance” (http://horrorbloggeralliance.blogspot.com), where it is Halloween all year round. Maybe you have heard of it, maybe not. It’s like the name says, an alliance of horror sites from around the globe calling us a home or at the very least a horror starting point. With over 800+ members I am almost certain you will find something that will thrill, scare or make your day a little darker.

I am the curator of the HBA and have been for several years now… trying to keep up to date with the latest horror sites. I like the “Godfather” Carl of “I Like Horror Films” this was his original brainchild and like life for him it became a extension he just could not keep up with… though he oversees my progress. I keep him in the loop on things I might be changing or adding a new “T-shirt” design ever year to generate a little revenue. With the help from Jesse W. Campbell of “Zombie Bites” we are changing it to more of a hub than a site.

We have so many people who contribute stuff every month and adding new faces to the site, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the madness. So we are trying figure out a way to make it a stomping ground and open the door to a world of horror.

For me I find I enjoy designing the items you see from month to month… it’s funny if you scroll back a year… it’s a different place, a different look and I am happy for the growth. I run this and a few other sites “Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine”  and “[Retro-Zombie]," which all has lives of their own… it’s the “Horror Blogger Alliance” that makes it a monstrous family.

All those who comment on this post are going to be entered in a secret giveaway, so all enter… one will win… it’s going to be scary cool!

Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


  1. thank you for letting share my story and being able to bring horror sited to one place!

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Horror Blogger Alliance
    HBA Curator

  2. Very excited to find this blog. I'm anxiously awaiting the premiere of "The Walking Dead" and the release of "The Road to Woodbury," so this helps. Cool idea.

  3. Me too. I will talk about The Walking Dead soon.

  4. Who can resist a secret giveaway? Especially a scary one!

  5. Very cool blog- adding it to my RA list!