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Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox with a Free Book By Robert Dunbar

Dark fiction author extraordinaire Robert Dunbar not only writes compellingly terrifying books, but he is also a great guy and a friend to libraries.

He is a confirmed participant in my upcoming 31 Days of Horror too.  Beginning in just 10 days!

To celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, Dunbar and his publisher have some free offers and new content I wanted to pass on.
Uninvited Books, publisher of Martyrs and Monsters, Dunbar's critically acclaimed short story collection, is offering a FREE Kindle copy of the book beginning today and going through 9/25.  Click here to download your free copy. Thanks to Dunbar for including libraryland in the offer.

Dunbar's own site is here.

Dunbar also gave this interview to author Richard Schiver on his blog, Whisphers from the Abyss.

Finally, Dunbar got some of his friends together to start, Occupy Horror.  Here is his description of the project:
"The revolution is underway. The mindlessly commercial, the undistinguished and barely literate will no longer be allowed to utterly dominate the genre. Not without a fight anyway."
The series will feature author interviews and blog posts. Writers who have confirmed their participation in the weeks to come include, Laird Barron, Gary Braunbeck, Ramsey Campbell, Mort Castle, Greg Gifune, Ronald Malfi, Elizabeth Massie and Tom Piccirilli.  All big name, fabulously frightening authors.

Keep the Occupy Horror Series link to check out more as they are posted.

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