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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New LEGO Monster Fighters Series and 31 Days of Horror Preview

LEGO is actively promoting a brand new line of scary sets.  The line is called Monster Fighters and you can use this link to explore it in detail, but here on the left is the exclusive Haunted House.

In my house LEGOs outnumber people about 1,000,000 to one and that may be a conservative estimate, but this is a set that all of us are excited to build. We ordered it and plan to put it together to use as our Halloween indoor decoration centerpiece.  Not only will it be a family activity to build the 2,000 piece set, but it will last for years.

Now I know what you are thinking, "This is a site about horror books and reading, why is she going on about LEGOS?"  Ahhh, but there is a point.  The popularity of all things scary can be seen in the major investment LEGO has put into creating an entire monster based line.  Yes, they are ramping up the marketing for Halloween, but they did not create an entire line for this one holiday; one or two sets maybe, but not such an extensive product line.  Even Christmas only has a few sets; they add one of two a year only.

This is a great time to be a horror fan.  Society is catching up with us and our macabre tastes. No longer are our interests in the dark, unsettling, and creepy considered fringe; instead, we are on the cusp of a trend.

New monster mini figures. I love the zombie chef

Speaking of the fast approaching Halloween, I have a very exciting month of posts planned for every day in October.  I have lined up many authors, publishers, and members of the fan community to contribute and they have generously offered plenty of giveaways. Confirmed appearances by:

There are many more, but I am holding back more for later in the month.  As you can see this is going to be a big celebration of dark fiction.

I am reading lots of new horror and will be publishing move reviews than ever for a wide range of horror fans from teens to adults.

I have also just completed a column for the October 15th issue of Library Journal where I highlighted 6 2012 titles for a wide range of horror seekers.  For those of you outside the library world, this is one of the biggest publications for librarians to find reviews and reading suggestions.  I will post the online version of the column once it is published, due to copyright restrictions I cannot post it before that time.

So, stay tuned.  I will keep posting here at least once a week while I prepare for the October onslaught.

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