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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What College Kids Can Learn From the Zombie Wars

It appears that college classes are reading World War Z by Max Brooks to "to facilitate conversations about globalization, ethics and mortality."

How do I know this?  Click here to listen to Brooks and a Freshman from St. Edwards University talk about it on NPR.

This is further proof of what I always say about the popularity of zombie novels.  While they are set in a fantastical world where the dead rise and begin to hunt down the living, these novels are more about the people and times in which they are written.  So The Walking Dead in all its formats is about modern America, how we choose to live, how we allow ourselves to be governed, and what the consequences of this is as much as it is about out running a zombie.  Click here to read my post which goes into this issue in greater detail.

And click through to listen to hear more the conversation between an author of one of the best zombie books ever and a reader.

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