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Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Horror: Day 28-- Horror Viewing

We only have a few days left before Halloween.  Now’s the time to hunker down and add some horror movies and tv to your life.

I haven’t spent anytime this month talking about the AMAZING new seasons of both The Walking Dead and American Horror Story: Coven.  If you aren’t watching these shows, now is a good time to either catch up through Netflix or your cable’s On-Demand.

But I want to specifically point out American Horror Story: Coven.  I have been a huge fan of American Horror Story from the start.  It is not only an extremely well acted show, but it is also the scariest show on TV [and it isn’t even close].  As great as the first two seasons have been, this year is even better.  From the RA standpoint, what I also love about suggesting this show to patrons is that each season is a standalone story.  Yes, many of the actors reappear, but they stories are not connected in any way.  You can suggest Season 1 to haunted house fans, Season 2 to psychological horror fiends, and Season 3 to people who like witch stories, or all 3 to people like me who find them all great.  Seasons 1 and 2 can be checked out of the library. You don’t have to worry about watching the seasons in order.

If you are looking for a movie instead, but don’t want to pay, Flavorewire had this great list of 20 Horror Movies You Can Stream Online immediately.

So there is a little last minute Viewer Advisory assistance to get you in the haunting spirit.

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