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Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Horror: Day 5-- The Joys of the Backlist: Flashback to the 1990s

Over on the general RA blog, RA for All, where I post every weekday all year long, one of my biggest soap box issues is THE BACKLIST.

In a sentence here's my backlist rant: libraries have the older titles, book stores do not, so libraries flaunt what you've got a monopoly on...the backlist!

For more on my opinions on the backlist in general, click here. For horror backlist ideas from this blog, click here to access my Backlist Not to Miss occasional feature.

I will also be featured in Library Journal later this month with a column where I suggest 6 backlist titles from the 21st Century. There are not too old, but have lost their shiny and new luster and may be hard to find in book stores.  On library shelves, however, these books continue to make readers happy on a regular basis.  I will have that column up once it is available online towards the end of the month.

But today let's go back even further-- to the 1990s.  Here is Matt Molgaard's Horror Novel Reviews' [a great site to check out in general, by the way] post on The 10 Best Horror Novels of the 1990s.

And every single on of the books on his list is easily available at most local public libraries right now.

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