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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 Days of Horror Day 29: What to Drink on Halloween

Okay so for the majority of the month I talked about what to read this month, but yesterday I wrote about what to watch.  So I figured, why not go even further outside my mission, and talk about what to drink on Halloween. [Look it’s been a long month so I am going to take some liberties here.]

I also posted it 2 days early so you would have some time to go shopping if necessary.

There are many options, but my favorite Halloween themed drink is Zombie Dust, a beer brewed by Three Floyds out of Indiana.  I am not alone; it gets a near perfect score from beer snobs.  But it is very hard to come by.  I know only one restaurant in Chicago that always has it.

On Sunday night, my husband put the only 6 pack he could procure in the fridge for Thursday drinking.  And to get that six pack, he used luck and cunning.  He happened to be at our local Whole Foods on a day 1 single case came in [back in September], overheard the workers talking about stashing some for themselves, and butted himself into the conversation to get us 6 precious bottles.

But since my suggestion is so hard to come by, and it is alcoholic, I have a longer list below of a variety of beverages, some fit for all ages, to celebrate Halloween with.

Here are some other ideas:

I think Halloween is the perfect holiday to enjoy a cocktail since you spend most of the time either at home answering the door, or walking.  There is no need for a designated driver when you don’t get in your car all night.  Have some fun with it.  Even if all you are drinking is a diet coke, throw a gummy eye ball in it.  Trust me, it make the night more festive.

Back tomorrow with a catch all post/wrap up post and then a special original, never before published story on Thursday.

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  1. This is too funny...I was just at Hopleaf in Uptown last night and they have Zombie Dust on draft. Their food is also fantastic so I would recommend it for a night out...but they have a strict 21 and up rule so it should be saved for an evening in which the kids are with a babysitter :)