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Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days of Horror-- Day 13: Horror for Teens [With a Giveaway]

I want to follow yesterday's discussion of horror for kids with a move up the timeline to discuss horror titles for a teen audience.

Again, like yesterday when I sent you to Monster Librarian for more info, I am not the expert here, but like a good librarian, I know where you can find the experts-- Stacked.

Stacked is my first stop for all things YA and this includes Horror.  Click here for there numerous, informative, and insightful posts on everything horror or horror-esque.

So today's 31 Days of Horror assignment is to head over there and see what you should be buying and suggesting for your teen horror readers at your library.

But before you go....A GIVEAWAY!

There is one YA horror title I am actively advocating for this Fall-- Amity by Micol Ostow. Yes, the novel purposely plays off the fear and dread you automatically feel when the infamous horror of a town known as Amityville is invoked, but don’t mistake the homage of the title as a sign of a copycat story to follow. Rather what Ostow weaves is a distinct and unsettling tale of 2 families, living in a house called Amity, on two different timelines, 10 years apart.  As the evil of the home slowly reveals itself, people are corrupted, frightening events take place, and no one is left unscathed.  Or is it all in their heads? Once you step inside of Amity, it is hard to be sure what is real. This is a dark, atmospheric tale that is terrifying without the gore that some popular adult writers tend to use. You can find my full comments on this novel in the October 15th issue of Library Journal.

But while you wait for that to come out, I have an ARC of Amity to give away.

Email me at zombiegrl75[at]gmail[dot]com before 5pm central time on 10/15 to be entered into the drawing.  I will be conducting a couple of giveaways this week, so you need to have “ TEEN GIVEAWAY” in the subject to be eligible.

Good luck.

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