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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Days of Horror-- Day 7: The Essence of the Appeal of Horror in 2 Sentences

Today I want to talk about the appeal of horror in a little more detail.  If you are not someone who wants to “feel the fear” when reading for fun, it is hard to understand why some of us love it; in fact a large part of my book and this blog are devoted to conversations about the appeal of horror.

I spend a lot of time breaking down the whys and hows of the very best the horror genre has to offer fans. For example:

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But besides reminding you of what I have said in the past, today’s post was inspired by my colleague, Kimberly Stack, Collection Development Librarian at Baker and Taylor whose public library website is http://www.btol.com/p_library_details.cfm. Kimberly provides RA to librarians and in her words,  “the wonderment of working in a position like mine is that all my patrons are librarians."

Kimberly sent me a wonderful and instructional link that goes a long way toward explaining  the appeal of horror.  Entitled, “9 of the Most Terrifying 2 Sentence Horror Stories Ever Told,” it is exactly what it sounds like.  People wrote the best horror story they could in 2 sentences, and the results are chilling.

I feel like I can talk about why people like horror forever and you will think you understand, but if you simply click through and read a few of these 2 sentence stories you will feel it for yourself.

So, click away, but BEWARE.

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