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Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Horror-- Day 2: This Resource

Every year I run this monthly marathon of horror posts. And one of my favorite things to do during this blog-a-thon is to highlight some of the better resources out there; resources you can use all year long to help you to help your horror patrons.  However, as I was preparing this month’s schedule, I realized that I always forget one very important resource to remind you about...


So today, we are going to talk about what I have to offer to you, the library worker, who is helping horror loving readers.

Of course I have posts, but unlike my main blog, RA for All, this blog is not about posting all of the time.  It is a more traditional resource.  There is the book, and then there is this blog which serves as an update and addition to the book.

I hope that people come here to RA for All: Horror first when they are trying to help a horror patron OR are actively trying to improve their horror genre knowledge and RA skills.

To help you to use this resource more efficiently, here is a little primer on how I have organize things.

  1. The blog component: You can simply see the posts I have written most recently on the main screen, or use the labels on the bottom right to access posts about specific topics. But, I have also created pages with more general information that are constantly updated, even when I am not blogging regularly. I will be highlighting these and their content next
  2. Features Archive: Anytime I run a post under certain categories such as Not Quite Horror or Backlist Not to Miss, I collect them on this page.  But this is also where you can go to see past 31 Days of Horror too. There is one click access to the entire month for each year.
  3. Horror Review Index: This is what it says it is.  Here you can have easy access to my reviews of titles I think are a good choice for public library patrons. They are alphabetical by author and I have the year in which the book was published listed too.
  4. The next 3 pages: Horror Resources, Horror Publishers, and Horror Awards are all curated lists of places you can look to for more help and info. I try to update them and check for bad links about 2x a year.
  5. Becky’s Original Horror Lists is a place where I try to keep some of my more formal lists from over the years all in one place.
  6. Whole Collection Reading Options is a page of not quite horror lists, links, and ideas. For the horror fans who want to branch out.
So, what not start out this month of horror posts by poking around into the dark corners of this blog and see what you can find. Who knows, you may find the perfect reading suggestion for a patron.

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