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Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 1-- A Primer On What To Expect and a Shout Out To 31 Horror Films in 31 Days

Today it all begins. The month where Horror is second fiddle to none.  And the 31 days that almost break me every year.

I joke about how exhausting this marathon is, but while that is true, it is very much worth it.  There is no other place where you, the library worker,  helping leisure readers can get specific information about how to help your “scariest patrons.”

In fact, that is exactly where I want to begin today, with the wealth of information I have provided over the last 4 years of 31 Days of Horror.  You can click here to see it all at once in backwards chronological order, or peruse it 1 year at a time by clicking here.

Over the course of the month I will be updating and featuring the other pages I house on this blog as well as posting reviews, lists, and MANY MANY MANY author guest posts. And in these author guest posts, they have been directed to speak directly to you-- the library worker. They will be telling you why they love horror and what some of their favorite titles and authors are.  There are some BIG name authors planned too, so check back here every day this month.

Over the course of this month, you will be exposed to dozens of horror authors and titles that are perfect for a public library audience.  Even those of you out there who can barely look at the cover of a horror novel without getting the heebie geebies, can use this blog to safely suggest horror titles to your patrons during this haunting season.  Who knows, you may even win your own copy of a brand new book.

So that’s what I have done in the past and what you can expect to come, but I also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge one of my library colleagues, friend of the blog, and award winning horror author in his own right-- Daniel Kraus, who embarks on his own Halloween ritual each October and blogs about it.

Here is his post, via Booklist Reader, with all the info on how you can participate too.

Although I do not talk about horror movies very much on this blog, films are a large part of our collections at the public library and this time of year, they are also getting heavily used. So follow me for books and Daniel for films. Together we will have all of your library patrons’ horror needs covered.

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