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Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days of Horror: Day 16-- Librarians...Brian Keene Wants to Thank You With a Free Appearance This Summer

Readers of this blog know that I am a big Brian Keene fan.  You can click here for more from me on Keene, but for all of you library workers out there the short version is-- his novels are a perfect fit for ALL PUBLIC LIBRARY collections.

This summer he has a hardcover  release coming [you can already pre-order for your collections] called PressureFrom the publisher:
Off the coast of tropical Mauritius, an ecological catastrophe with global implications is occurring. The ocean's floor is collapsing at a rapid rate. World-champion free diver and marine biologist Carrie Anderson joins a scientific expedition determined to discover the cause-and how to stop it. But what they uncover is even more horrific. Deep beneath the surface, something is awake. Something hungry. Something...cold. Now, the pressure builds as Carrie and her colleagues must contend with the murderous operatives of a corrupt corporation, an unnatural disaster that grows bigger by the day, and a monstrous predator that may spell the extinction of all mankind. 
Jaws meets Alien in this hot new thriller from bestselling author and World Horror Grandmaster Award winner Brian Keene. Pressure is the perfect summer read for fans of Michael Crichton and Douglas Preston.
This looks fantastic!  The book is getting a big push by the publisher. Brian plans to go on his largest book tour ever and he wants to come to your library! FOR FREE!!! All you have to do is buy 10 copies of the book. That is way cheaper than most major author fees.

There are no other strings here.  Brian is a huge supporter of libraries and really wants to thank us for supporting him over the years. And, this is going to be a huge summer read. It is a book people will be talking about. Why not take advantage now and set up a visit.

[By the way, this is exactly how I nabbed Gillian Flynn at my old library for free. I noticed the early buzz on Gone Girl and contacted her [we had met once before at a Karin Slaughter event and she lives in Chicago], set up an appearances, and....it turned out she was at our library the week the novel hit #1. Video of our interview here.]

You can click here for Brian’s original post where explains how you get in on this deal. I have also embedded the post below.

But first, one final note, Brian also has a weekly podcast-- The Horror Show With Brian Keene. Brian and his friends have a lot of fun during these recordings [and curse freely for those of you who that might bother] but they also provide great content.  You can hear Brian and his guests, all of them horror authors worth knowing, discuss books, the genre, the state of the publishing world, and much more.  If you want an inside look at publishing and the life of authors, IN ANY GENRE, this is a great insider resource.

I particularly enjoyed their interview with Paul Tremblay, author and juror for the Shirley Jackson Awards [an award I have professed my love for many times], and then, in a later podcast, their spoiler filled discussion of his book, A Head Full of Ghosts.  It was a real discussion of the book, its writing, its appeal, and its meaning.

Attention all librarians, you should have A Head Full of Ghosts in your collections. You should be promoting it to readers. It is this year’s Bird Box.

One more “authors who podcast” post tomorrow. But please scroll down to read Brian’s full offer.

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