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Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 Days of Horror Day 31: Keep Reading Horror...All Year Long

My 10yo as a
“Cereal” Killer
Happy Halloween!  I hope you enjoyed my blog-a-thon, and I really hope you learned something about collection development for horror fiction.

But I am not truly successful unless this 31 days fest inspires you to suggest a horror title [to the right patron] at another time of the year.

Today, on the final day, I want to let you know about a few books I have reviewed recently that would work well for fans of dark fiction, as well as point you to some lists that you can use to keep a steady diet of horror in your and your patrons’ hands.

This blog is here 365 Days a year for you-- the Library Worker. It is a treasure trove of horror related information geared to the public library audience. Use it to help someone.

Thanks for following along. And don’t forget that RA for All has posts every week day to help you help all of your leisure readers.

Here are some of my favorite newer horror titles:

Here are some of my favorite lists of scary books that were released throughout the month of October:

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